How To: Choose the right flooring for your home

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  1. Jenna Sue, we decided to install Pergo Timbercraft Brookdale Hickory in our living room, dining room, and front hallway of our front door. We were wondering what your thoughts were on using the same Pergo material in our kitchen also? So essentially the entire downstairs would be the Brookdale Hickory, just not our downstairs bathroom which is a lighter tile.

  2. I love your video! One correction I really felt necessary to make: Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile (LVP or LVT respectively) is more like the laminate you showed, the vinyl you showed in this video is actually SHEET Vinyl. A perfect example would be to look at LVP/LVT from Mannington, their Adura line is nothing like the sheet vinyl you were looking at! LVP and LVT is a great alternative to hardwood, and I would especially recommend SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) LVP if you are looking for a cost effective but durable flooring.

  3. WOWOWOWOWOW laminate is NOT waterproof. you need an underfloor that keeps moisture get upwards towards the laminate and only the waterproof is "really" waterproof and according to EVERY manufacturer, only to a certain extend

    if you want lamintate, but in a bathroom, use click-vinyl

  4. Nice video. The one thing that is so misleading about the claim of LVP of being water proof, and it is, is that if water does get through to the backing or under the flooring it has to come up to prevent a mold issue. Let me rephrase that to, it should come up to dry it out. When it does get pulled up it will not re-lock back together. The end joints in my experience do not stay connected. So it too would be ruined just like laminate. This must be a paid commercial for Pergo, and I have to not qualify this as a true comparison. Sorry.

  5. I agree with you that Solid hardwood is not the best option for Florida as humidity in Florida is super high. Engineered hardwood is a good alternative to original solid wood. With engineered the making of it can come in two different cores. You have the epic core- which is made out of MDF/HDF. I would stay clear of this type of floor. The other option I would go with would be the plywood core. This would actually make the wood more stable. If you really want to go with a wood looking floor that is 100% waterproof, I would go with luxury vinyl. If you go with a floating vinyl with an impact core or WPC, then you will be fine. Vinyl has come such a long way and in all honesty, as someone who has done flooring for some time, I have walked in some homes and haven't realized that they were LVP. Make sure that you do your research on any type of floor that you want to put on your floors. They have a click-lock vinyl in the market now. Personally, I would stay clear from laminate. You can say that the laminate is waterproof. But there is a couple of definitions into waterproof. One of the definitions is going to be waterproof meaning that water will not get under the material. This can be done by any click lock material. That is the purpose of the click lock. To make sure no water goes into the seems. Now the second and most important definition here for waterproof is, Is the material 100% waterproof. The answer to the laminate is going to be no. If you have a flood in the house the laminate is going to blow up. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That is what happens to a composite material. Vinyl, on the other hand, is made up of PVC, which is the same material that they use to run water through your home. You're telling me that you are going to trust and recommend a product that could literally swell up if any water gets into it versus a product that won't damage due to water. I understand that this is a sponsored video but lets at least educate the people on all the reasons to pick the best flooring. I'll link a blog explaining what vinyl is and why it is the best flooring option in the market today. Especially in a state like Florida. Don't believe the hype of laminate flooring. If you are looking for a true 100% waterproof floor, the only option is going to be LVP

  6. nothing like tile look richer and cleaner more luxury wood is for old people i never had cracked tile so thats nonsense use a underlay for the tile if u have to take up its easy.. the clung sound from wood is not sexy the ping sound from tile is classy luxury rich royalty feel

  7. nice video. you stated that you use pergo laminate for rental. what do you use in your own how. did you use LAMINATE OR ENGINEER WOOD? Please advice as I'm looking for a new flooring in my apartment which I'm living in. LAMINATE OR ENGINEER WOOD? Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  8. Ugh I hate pergo it looks like fake wood. All my homes have had real wood and pergo just can’t compare. Also it’s water resistant not proof. I actually think luxury vinyl plank looks better… to each there own! I think the pergo you chose is the best I’ve seen.

  9. stick down Luxury Vinyl Tiles is the way to go. Real wood or engineered can look nice but it's too delicate unless you don't do anything of course. LVT looks great and lasts for ages.

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