How To Evaluate A Rental Property

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8 thoughts on “How To Evaluate A Rental Property”

  1. Is the duplex a 3 bedroom up and a 2 bedroom down

    And in Kitchener their is an absolute ton of duplex conversions going on, I personally am in 1-2 per week that are currently under renovation

  2. How do you deal with the beef over the temperature in the house between the upper and lower level tenants? I assume the thermostat is upstairs and it'll always be a few degrees colder in the basement. I thought you were actually just keeping them with only one tenant.

  3. Love the expression if looking for $1000 then you might be buying lots of shit all over or being hooked by some you-tube ticker interested in hoodwinking you in investing with you under JV. Thanks Mat for being honest and to the point

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