HOW TO FILM a Travel Video | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series

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43 thoughts on “HOW TO FILM a Travel Video | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series”

  1. Great video you guys! I stopped using my full frame DSLR long time ago because it was just too heavy to lug around my travels so I switched to using my phone on a gimbal with a mount to attach and use an external mic. I also use a GoPro!

  2. I love Filmora!!! I love you guys!!! I've learned so much ever since I purchased Filmora version 7.

    I bring my camera, phone, camera stand, and drone. I'm using slow motion more and more to create a dramatic effect!

  3. I usually just use my iPhone 5 or a camera. Now, I have a different camera ready to take it out to Arizona and shoot some videos there. Thanks Filmora for helping me edit my videos and giving us tips to use when we need them!

  4. M loving this series! M not into vlogging much but i love shooting slow motion, however i just have a very old camera tht doesn’t do 1080p 60, but my phone does! Nonetheless i love shooting stuff around!!!

  5. You mentioned about slow motion but this is one of the very few things that Filmora does not do well. I use Filmora for over 2 year and have edited over a hundred travel vlogs with it. I film between 50 and 60 frames per second, using mirroless, drone and Gopro, but when slowing down on Filmora the video is not smooth and even kind of blurry. I have reported this before but even with the 2019 update, this is still something disappointing that has not been improved.

  6. Am sorry … the title does not match the video…. there talking about the gear and not how to film or edit a vlog.

    2 tips they give about how to film and it was not helpful. Am not bashing the video i love filmora, its just a opinion

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