How to Go from 1 to 175 Rental Properties

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33 thoughts on “How to Go from 1 to 175 Rental Properties”

  1. I’m a day trader for 20 years is all risk management just like real estate all risk management. Day trading is different than investing. I rather trade stocks than invest and invest in real estate. Keep it KISS

  2. Clayton, Thanks for your inspirations and insights/ helpful information . Quick question: Signed contract to purchase single home/ rental. inspection tomorrow, but the water is turned off and no appliances, therefore wont inspect water and pipes. Is this normal, is it too much risking, not inspecting water pipes?

  3. This must have been recorded from about one year ago. But great video for sure! I invest in CA and even with the new rent control law they still allow 5% plus inflation. So 7% on a 1300 per month property is like 90 bucks. It works

  4. It’s not that I don’t agree with your skepticism, but technically with fiat currency “Trees Can Grow to the Heavens”. As sad as it is, the purchasing power will be less, but the market can go up forever as long as they keep printing money, especially at the rate we currently are with quantitative easing. It’s scary how much they control the GAME we call our economy.

  5. I made a fortune during the economic crash. I started working in 07 and started my 401k right away when the market was rock bottom. I had a very aggressive growth being taken out, from 07-2014 I tripled what I and my employer put in. I later then cashed out my 401k when I left that job. I wish i knew about property investment back then, that money was wasted on nonsense.

  6. gollieee!!! 175!!! im struggling to get my 2 and my first was by default because i had to move instead of selling i rented, now with being a stay at home, it's nearly impossible to see my next investment come to past…..uuugghhh streeesssssed!

  7. Hey man thanks for everything you do! Quick question, Any property management companies you recommend for Michigan? Specifically grand rapids if you have any properties here. Thanks!

  8. I have a question I live in Ga I have 10k And I want to buy my first or 2 properties and I already bought a house last year but what should be my next step please point me in the right direction.

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