How To Increase CASH FLOW on Rental Property

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4 thoughts on “How To Increase CASH FLOW on Rental Property”

  1. Great advice. Niave new landlord that i was I made this mistake. Took more time and effort explaining why I was raising rent so much in 4 years rather than just doing annual increases. Lesson learned !!!

  2. Sleazy fuckers. A good long term tenant is worth more that $50 more a year. The house is worth less each year until fixed up again so charge enough upfront you dirtbag landlords.

  3. Every business in the world does this, passes expenses onto customers, as we should and not feel guilty about it. Literal blood, sweat, tears, heartbreak, misery and fear go into owning these properties and you deserve to get as much as you can out of them. I don't rent to be benevolent although I am as a landlord. If I don't increase rent however, I won't be able to rent at all and be benevolent so every year the rents go up. Trouble is how to maximize it without getting greedy.

  4. Very good point. I think this is more psychological for the tenant, because when they sign the lease they are excited for a new place, maybe new job, etc. and don't put much thought into the clause of $50 increase a full year from now, because who care! it's a year from now! Then when the time comes, they accept it because they signed the lease knowing it would come. This was my experience as a tenant anyways…and it worked!

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