How To Invest In Turnkey Rental Properties (The RIGHT Way)

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20 thoughts on “How To Invest In Turnkey Rental Properties (The RIGHT Way)”

  1. Sometimes turn key RE doesnt work because the company swindles and defrauds the investors. Like selling them a house that burned down during escrow but no one said anything about before closing. That is the kind of stuff your friend clayton morris did. He stole millions ofdollars and defrauded hundreds of investors before he fled the country a fugative. Did you ever refer anyone to Morris Invest brandon? Ever get paid to?

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  3. Great tips as always Brandon!

    Not from turnkey company, but I have 10+ condo units in Fort Lauderdale being sold at 9-10% cap (after HOA/property taxes) furnished w/ tenants in place.

    Feel free to shoot a message. Units are sub 150k/per 4min ✌️

  4. This guy I worked with bought an off plan apartment in a new build. He sold it back to the developer after 1 year and made £50k, well that is what he said. Some people only do off plan and they are realy eager for the strategy. Then other people like other strategies. My main issue with off plan or turn key is that value can not be added and you have to rely on appreciation. Which only works when buying the property for a very low price like my work buddy did, as he was able to "turn it over" in a short period. Buying off plan/turn key is also very capital intensive because you can't pull your money out for extended periods and you can pay more for the higher finishes than you would if you did it yourself, as your paying for not having to do it yourself.

  5. Great video Brandon! I’ve had success flipping properties and BRRing properties and now I’m selling my properties TurnKey. This is a great video, I recently started my channel on real Estate Investing to help others get started too. Thanks for sharing!

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