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  1. If anyone could help me i'd be incredibly grateful, I'd like to wish i'm lucky enough to hear some feedback from DSLRguide as well but i'd be more dead thankful for feedback from anyone who is interested in filmmaking and travel, so I just made my second travel video and was wondering if anyone would be interested giving me some feedback on it, because I made one for fun when I travelled to Australia a while back and after making this second one it seemed to be getting a lot of positive comments some people even say I should do it for a living which seems crazy but that would be a dream and i'd absolutely consider making more if it's something I might actually be good at if I practiced, so it would be great to hear what other filmmakers think of the video! It's a Cinematic style video I shot in Cancun Mexico during springbreak!

  2. I comment this video very late but man, thank you so much for all this. It feels good to see something simple rather than all those tutorials on transitions, colorgrading or how to make your footage epic (rather than real). I learned a lot more in seven minutes. Thanks again.

  3. Which Hike did you do? Going there June 2018 (all the way from Belgium), any other suggestions about "Must do" things along the west coast are welcome (I'm aware that the GC is not exactly along the west coast #JIC) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I'm doing a story video of my own where i'm on holiday. And I didn't see this exact video, but now when i'm editing this i kind of see some similarities in my video to what you described on how it should be. My only problem is that i only had a Go Pro Hero 2 to record with and most of my audio was bad since i didn't know the protective case made the audio quality worse.

  5. Thanks again for a great instructional video! Most of my video are, I suppose, travel videos. I have am almost finished my series of travel videos covering a week hiking in Slovenia with a club. I am glad I already seem to be putting into practice some of your advice, I am quite shaky though!:) Finding appropriate music takes time too. A slide show (one I finished last night of the Vintgar Gorge) is so much easier and quicker to assemble. Some of ย my Scotttish ones end up with close-ups of pints being procured. ๐Ÿ™‚ In my Schnapps tasting Slovenian one I even got the camera to apparently drink one ย -that was fun! Always enjoy your videos so thanks for sharing such useful tips. All the best!

  6. This is so much harder than people think! You don't want to ruin your entire vacation by stressing over filming all the time, and the most exciting and action filled parts are usually the ones you least feel like bringing your camera equipment to..

    I've made around 10 of these travel videos now, and I rarely talk, I most time things with music, almost like a music video.. I'll really take some parts of this video with me on my next journey! Thanks man! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I just made a travel/vacation video! It was so much fun to make and I worked really hard on it. If everyone could watch it I would really appreciate it! THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This is great man! I've done some travel tips video on my latest upload but honestly this is something else. You mention something very important that is the emotional part of the videos, this makes people feel way more connection to you and your story. I usually focus a lot in the cinematography and tend to leave behind the story, but it should be the other way around. Thank you for this video Simon, I've been following your channel since before 10K but honestly lost track of you, but hopefully I'll be paying more attention to your videos. Also thanks for the tip of using a smaller camera to capture moments, usually the dslr setup like you mentioned, takes some time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hi There.ย Just want to share with you my current freelance project named "The Travel Cinematics". In short, the idea is to make travel videos in a cinematic way.ย  The travel cinematics do not act as informative or promotional travel videos, but rather, they are travel videos made with a storyline or a cinematic "theme" added to it. Please check out my first travel cinematics hereย featuring the country of my origin. The first video has elements of cinematic "movie trailer" and "documentary". Second travel cinematics will feature a different cinematic theme. Please have a look! Thanks! I hope we can collaborate in the future!

  10. Very insightful! a lot of people might not know, but your phone is also an amazing device too. No need to go and blow your bank account on a new camera right away because you can start with your smartphone. I actually filmed my latest video on my phone (:

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