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24 thoughts on “How to Make Palmer House Brownies | Smart Cookie |”

  1. Could you please put the brownie on a nice desert plate and have the camera zoom in while you take a fork and slice into it. Then you can take a huge bite lol ! I would just like to see the texture up close. I am definetly going to make these fudgy looking brownies! I prefer using real chocolate as opposed to Cocoa in most if my chocolate cake recipes. Thanx!

  2. Omg I enjoyed this video so much. This gal is awesome. I need more of these!!!
    Not muh stove!
    I'm grabbing a corner…cause I'm not an idiot.

  3. I Don’t understand why this person is doing a cooking show she not suited for this, she doesn’t take what she doing seriously at all , is this some sort of joke with the people at all Recipes , I was not amazed at all with her performance
    She should take her little case. And find a new job!!!!!!!!

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