HOW TO PLAN a Travel Vlog | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series

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22 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAN a Travel Vlog | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series”

  1. Hi filmora! I live you guys i have been using filmora since the beggining and its sooo great i will be using it Forever Love you guys!

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  2. i make a bullet list of the main points that i want to go over. then, i write an estimate of the duration for that certain topic so when i film it don't go over that time.

  3. Thanks I am gonna make me a "How I plan my B Roll for my Trips" I am a professional eater and travel a lot. I don't have gr8 cameras and just use my phones but your program helps me make it look gr8!!! I currently have over 400 videos that I clone myself, do special effects and just have fun woth it. Thanks for helpin' me reach my dreams on YouTube and get to interact with tons of people around the world!!!

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