How To Rent Out A Property Without An Agent (UK)

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15 thoughts on “How To Rent Out A Property Without An Agent (UK)”

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  2. I've been a landlord for 20yrs, and I would say if you follow this guys ABC, you will be ok.
    Gumtree great, local post office window is good too ( my cost 50p) I've rented a house out using this in 24 hours.
    Look for the lies, people will lie to you, don't feel sorry for people, if your gut says no, DONT rent to them.
    I have some tenants with 0 deposits, however I would not advise this if your new.

  3. As a young guy I used to watch Oye buy property after property, I took ALOT of advice from him and he is one of the reasons I started buying and selling properties (flips) in less than ten years with a 20k start mainly doing this as a hobby I was Mortgage Free at 30 with over 500k in equity!! Now 3 years later it has grown to just under 1 million and I'm still going strong, thanks for all the advice in the early years๐Ÿ‘Š maybe you should do a video on buying and selling ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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