How to Stay for Free in Hotels: Hotel Rewards Basics

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11 thoughts on “How to Stay for Free in Hotels: Hotel Rewards Basics”

  1. Hi Chris. Thank you for the great information. I am like most people and concentrate more on the airfare and not to much on the hotel stay. Now I will look at the overall cost of the trip than just focusing on one area. Thanks again and have a great day.

  2. The last time I stayed in a "name" hotel was Radisson about 25 years ago in Mexico. Since then I've preferred to have an "in-country" experience in not shabby but mid-priced local hotels rather than being transported to the US via an international chain. I also don't want to be hooked into staying in a single or even a few selected hotels repeatedly just because I'm anticipating "rewards." In the end they will always make you PAY Premium prices. It's almost incongruous how you enjoy diving into the local culture, away from the usual tourist locations, yet stay in high-end hotels.

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