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42 thoughts on “HOW TO TRAVEL BALI”

  1. Okay I know I'm like a year late on this video but in case you come across this comment, I just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your content! Traveling is so detail oriented and it's hard to know what to do and where to go to get a really quality experience outside of the commercialized areas. This video is just SO good! Can't wait to watch the rest of your travel guides 🙂

  2. you and your videos are great, thank you for that, but i HATE the music. screaching nail on a chalkboard in my ears. and it seems like every vlogger is using that ikson shit. there is so much beautiful music in the world that is not digitally created with autotuned chipmunk voices. please!

  3. Dont forget to mention the Javan Spitting Cobra and the King Cobra that inhabit lots of that beautiful scenery you showed especially the rice fields where they hunt mice and rats.

  4. Absolutely love this video! However, how long would you suggest to stay in Bali? I'm going backpacking for the first time and I'm combining Bali and Thailand. However, not sure how long to stay in Bali..

  5. I feel like this video should have been titled ‘Top Instagram Spots in Bali and How To Look Good Travelling’. This touched more on Instagram opportunities than practical information on travelling to Bali and included so many unnecessary snippets of you posing next to things and running barefoot clearly added in as a way for you to showcase yourself than Bali. There was nothing in here about the culture like the locals, foods, traditions or sacred sights; nothing about do’s and dont’s an inexperienced traveller will need to know about Bali like be careful of Arak or scooters are an affordable and practical way to travel from place to place or that monkeys are ruthless and if you get bitten you’ll need a rabies shot which is expensive so proceed with caution. You barely touched on the exciting travel experiences Bali offers which really underplayed its beauty in all areas like snorkeling, hiking, walking the rice paddies, scooters, interacting with wildlife like monkeys and elephants, visiting sacred temples… You just travelled superficially. You failed to capture the magic of Bali nor the point of travelling; to embrace new cultures and sceneries, to be in the moment and experience life from the perspective of another, to live like a local. Your video quality is great but just because you can Instagram well doesn’t mean your travel content has value to fellow travellers. It just looks good.

    For anyone else who disagrees, watch any other travel vlogger talk about Bali and compare. I recommend checking out Lost LeBlanc, Divert Living, High On Life or Hey Nadine to see what I mean. You’ll really see a difference in their passion and the value in their content. More practical tips, real world experiences, culture and all-rounded content for all types of travelers and not just those who only care about showcasing their life on social media.

    Sorry Laura but as beautiful as this video may look, it was terrible in its content and I failed to enjoy it because of that. I had to give it a downvote. I hope this might encourage you to include more practicality and culture in your future videos than overdone shots of yourself trying to look perfect.

    Edit: After watching Lost LeBlanc and realising you and Christian were together, which lead me to your break up announcement video, I realised you really can be down to earth and are so beautiful when being genuine. It’d be great to see more of that in your travel videos, of you just enjoying the day how you would genuinely enjoy it off camera, rather than worrying about how you look to everyone else which leads you to those fake socia media type shots you see all over Insta. Your happiness shines through when you’re just being yourself and, in my personal opinion, that would impact your viewers so much more on a personal level. I say, forget about keeping up a certain image and let your true self shine through more! It’s beautiful!

  6. I was wondering, how far is from one place to another? Estimating?.. I’m wondering if I should stay in one area the entire trip or stay in multiple areas of Bali due to traveling distance. Please help?

  7. Amazing!! Thanks for the video and tips!! I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but my eyes kinda hurt when watching the scenery shots changing every 0.5 secs 😅 Just make each one a bit longer and it will be 10000% perfect! 💛

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