HOW TO TRAVEL ETHIOPIA πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή(Prices and Safety)

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26 thoughts on “HOW TO TRAVEL ETHIOPIA πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή(Prices and Safety)”

  1. Sounds like Cuba, where the government sets the prices for accommodation and takes a cut. Since they know that regular locals are not going to be using hotels, they pump up the prices by official decree, way beyond local prices for other stuff, in order to squeeze every last cent out of you. I can why it works in Cuba, but in Ethiopia I would have thought it would just lead to a whole accommodation structure lacking guests and lacking money.

  2. As an Ethiopian everything that you mentioned is true If there is any one thinking of traveling to Ethiopia (every Place, City, Village)Take a real cautions and don't leave your hotel after 8:30 PM First day might be fine but your being watched and being studied For the rest you will have the best time in your life by traveling around the whole country about the internet its all mentioned its a Government Company that's really shity and full of corrupts ……………………….Thanks

  3. These prices are not a lot of money. $35 ti $45 a night is reasonable. I lived in Asia for years. Some of the hotels in Asia are crap and they charge a fortune. You are very off on what is realistic.

  4. Hey man.
    I like your video of Ethiopia but, don't mislead people your stupid propaganda about their country.

    I'm a Canadian not an Ethiopian been there numerous times but, I get to tell you this country is super amazing in terms of hospitality !!!
    And don't forget that, when you're there, you probably arrived when the government imposed a ban to the internet nation wide for political reason.

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