HOW TO TRAVEL FOR FREE | كيف تسافر مجانا

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29 thoughts on “HOW TO TRAVEL FOR FREE | كيف تسافر مجانا”

  1. Coucou est ce que c’est site sont fiables ? Peur de m’inscrire et de ne pas être prise en charge correctement d’arriver dans le pays sans suite bref if someone has some experience with this website please share with us

  2. I am an ENTJ /MBTI. By analyzing your video I can see how honest and trusty person as you’re sharing something I would never share to anyone. I believe that traveller Djamel use those websites and more people using them but they will never share them as they believe if they share them there chance to get or win the opportunity will be less .. I am new subscriber to your channel. Good luck sister.. Your fan from Annaba who lives in Ireland 🇮🇪

  3. I'm a new here
    I like your video and thanks for your tips
    I've a question i want to travel but for study at university you know how much expressive so tell me if there is anyway to do that 😊

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