How To Travel SAFELY With Your Guitar

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  1. The best cases are Hiscox Lifelite’s. They can take a 500lb crush weight. Yet they are light an really ergonomic. I’m always amazed at how dreadful the PRS case is. Considering his supposed culture of constant improvement, why is the case from 1955?

  2. The only time I've had to fly with my strat, I took the neck off and packed it and the body securely in with the rest of my checked luggage. Don't do this if you don't know how to set a guitar up.

  3. In the Atlanta and NY Kennedy airports, as well as probably others, they have the "smart lanes" that cannot accommodate "oversize items" such as guitars. If you want to take your guitar on the plane at these airports, you have to go through regular (not pre-check) TSA and specifically their lanes that accommodate "oversize items".

  4. I play D'angelico Japanese EXL1 and it's incredibly hard to find a sturdy gig bag for a guitar that big. Does anyone know any possible companies that make a case like mono but with the size big enough for a full sized holy body?

  5. It was a while back when I travelled across Europe and to The States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya and India.Hiscox cases are great.And the guitars were always fine checked…but my luggage always got lost.

  6. Have been traveling with my Mono M80 for almost two years flying a lot within Europe and in most cases it requires buying an extra seat sadly enough (costly sometimes). Only for domestic flights can you use this advice, but they are good points. I have been looking for a video like this for a long time, glad to see one is now finally made 👍🏼

  7. i would like to note, there are laws protecting instruments while traveling on airplanes. i have traveled with guitars on planes for years and have had both great and horrific experiences with flight attendants. with the more aggressive flight crews, (from a particularly bad experience from an inexperienced flight crew out of florida) a kind reminder that the FAA has put laws in place to allow for sensitive and fragile equipment to be stored in the main cabin may be necessary but above all being calm, patient and polite usually always works.

  8. My mono vertigo is the only case I’ve used since I bought it. The thing is outstanding. Leaves my hands free to Cary other gear and offers close to the same protection a hard shell case does.

    Do you travel with other gear as well? Pedalboards? Amps? How does that all work?

  9. United Airlines literally ran over my hard case with what must have been a bulldozer – can't imagine how much force would have been used to mangle it that bad, but United tried to waive all responsibility. It is only because my father was a gold frequent flyer and he got on the phone to their team they wound up replacing it.
    United airlines – YOU SUCK

  10. I have a hard shell gig bag for my acoustic. It's a peavey bag that has a styrofoam shell wrapped with canvas. The inside is plushy. and it has both the inside compartment at the neck block and a pocket on the outside. I have an Epiphone hardshell case I bought used for my Gibson. The case is banged up a bit so it cost less, I'm not a afraid to scratch it and it says Epiphone, not Gibson, so as long as I don't let it get completely out of sight, I feel a thief is less likely to make an attempt to steal an Epiphone.

  11. Great. Been thinking a lot about this since i am going from Norway to Brazil for a month of traveling and gigging with one of my getter guitars and taking lots of domestic flights inland Brazil from city to city. Do you think they will allow dreadnought size acoustic in the plane? Coat closet? Superb if you can get back to me on this. Peace!

  12. Has anyone wondered why people dont cary these for Emergency zombie situations? surely im not the first musician that has thought of a custom made hard case for bass (bass is a bigger instrument bigger means more storage capacity for food and weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse) with bagpack straps stitched or stapled on the back of the hardcase to carry around, essentially a bit bulky but when you actually think about it its pretty light to travel around if youre 6 feet tall.

    Hell you can carry like 3 AR 15s and still have enough room for like 7 pistols and canned food and radios in there along with 1 liter water bottles and ammunition.

    Additionally if you come across a homedepot or walmart store you can upgrade your bass hardcase bagpack with velcro patches on the outside of the case, now you can carry like an extra 16 500 ml water bottles easily if you get like 50 heavy duty velcro patches lol

  13. I'll guess I'm more of a hardcase guy. Do have some gigbags, but these don't look as good as the ones you were showing. Great tip about getting a extra case to preserve some exclusive original cases.

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