How To Vacation with a Lawn Business

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  1. Great info. I to work a 4 day week . Fridays are for landscaping and rain delays. As far as the shrub work. I offer a once a month hedge trim package at a small discount for most of my clients . This helps me with scheduling and keeps my income flowing for the entire year. You definitely have to know your property to do this. A property with a lot of hedges. I charge by the trim.This way you are covered both ways. VACATION*** I take advantage of my winter bi-weekly service. From November 1st to April 1st (If the weather cooperates) I run my route every other week.

  2. I want to recreate my billing to something similar to how you bill, the Monday after service or how ever I choose. I currently have customers on monthly billing, I wanted your opinion on making that transition and should I keep my current customers in monthly because that’s what their use to and only use the new billing for new customers?

  3. Thank you for elaborating on those topics. I am currently transitioning from my current company into my own business and they do yearly contracts with bundled prices. I literally can feel the lost money opportunity while servicing their properties and it’s not even my money. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thanks again. Huge help as always.

  4. This question and answer is good! I’m gonna try to take your advice, 4 day work week, occasional 3 day vacations, and get a little help. Thanks my man, keep the QnA going!

  5. I agree adding pruning makes it difficult to predict profits and time,but do you not worry about your customers leaving for someone who does?do they hire another company to prune? because most people want convenience.thankfull for any response

  6. many many year ago in southern colorado i had to litterally tell my customers service will be hit and miss during archery elk season. I too k a big vacation still got things done but not perfect and the customers who complained any were not customers next year

  7. Good stuff, I agree on both fronts. I'm pretty much out of the field now but still heavily involved in operations. I take many short trips a year and it works out great. The 4 day work week is interesting but I've never fully fleshed-out what that would look like. We are also 100% ala carte. Not only because it's far more profitable but because as you scale not possible to track all of the "as needed" services. I guarantee that the customer, the owner, and the employee all have a different interpretation of "as needed". We give upfront pricing for those services and then let the customers decide when they want them. When we hit a slow down we push those services through suggestive selling.

  8. As far as adding a full maintenance package which includes Bush trimming as needed I guess it depends on where you're at I'm in Atlanta Georgia and the market here leans towards full maintenance packages as long as the customers are weekly services adding on the bushes is no problem and actually cut down our phone traffic example if you have 110 customers and 110 customers are calling and email you up all around the same time when their bushes are growing it is a lot of phone traffic. And a lot of people wanting estimates some you can give prices over the phone and they're OK with that. But others want to know how many hours it will take you if you charge by the hour or by the job of course you'll have to go out there and take a look so I save atleast 10 hrs + a week from NOT doing small drive by estimate and replying back to emails and phone calls about bushes. so full maintenance in GA its better to have full maintenance if they have a fair amount of bushes. We charge extra per 10 ft by 10 ft tarp load for leaf haul off in most cases but some people in weekly services we include it in the price per visit of course the price goes up $10 or so more per visit

  9. Weekly Q&A : How to sell you service over phone and sounding professional.. and how to charge clients for services when just starting out… Hey man thanks a ton for your vids ! I'm based in florida too and I just recently registered my lawn business aswell !! I've got equipment ready, flyers/business cards,uniforms,ect.. and truly excited to start.. I'm alittle late on season but I'm ready now!! Any important steps not to over look when just starting out?!

  10. I would say its a good idea to take a vacation during tye season so you dont have to worry how much you spending limit is. At least you know when you get back work wont be slow

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