Hyatt City of Dreams Manila Hotel Review | IS IT WORTH IT?

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24 thoughts on “Hyatt City of Dreams Manila Hotel Review | IS IT WORTH IT?”

  1. I’ve been there twice! It’s so beautiful! It was also one of my first times coming to my culture.p, since I could remember. So many family members, my mother and I came. My brother had school, and dad had work. It was amazing! It was so clean, and a few minutes away is MoA and some Filipino fast foods. I want to go back! Begging my mother to go! At first, I was disgusted because of the mess, but it’s my culture I embraced it. If your going to Manila, go to this hotel! It’s very clean, and has lots of nice people. (We lost our card once, and we told the staff, they were respectful and sent some guards to guard the room for the night.) There was this one time we were in the US they didn’t give a crap. This hotel is a must go! It has Starbucks and great restaurants in it! 😜 I also got to go too Dream Play! It was great! The internet wasn’t the best, it was moderate but! Who needs internet if you have so many things too do! I love the Philippines! If you asked me where I recommend you to travel, it will be the Philippines!

  2. Just take either a white or yellow meter cab from the airport taxi rank. I took one from NAIA to Makati in rush hour traffic (over an hour) and it was about 350 pesos. City of Dreams is practically right next to the airport…meter taxi cost under 100.

  3. I went to City of Dreams last year, and I’m here in my hotel room, again❤️ I love this hotel! The mall, the staff, the rooms, the pool, dreamplay, if your visiting by yourself, with your family, it doesn’t matter, I definitely recommend it!

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