I Climbed a Mountain and Only Died Once | Peru Travel Vlog

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30 thoughts on “I Climbed a Mountain and Only Died Once | Peru Travel Vlog”

  1. Hey dudes! I'm back and ready to rock with a brand new video. I've been sick for a while and my voice has been a horrible, whiney, grating mess, so I had to do the voiceovers for this video with a text-to-speech program (kill me lol). I went ahead and fixed up the captions for this video in case anyone has trouble understanding anything!
    Thanks for watching and I hope you all have a great day!

  2. I love it when the robot voice explains what you do and stuff, but (for me at least) I think you could also do a voice over cause I don’t know you’re funny and I think it would be fun if you talked too. ~I’m just suggesting plz don’t take this as hate 🥰

  3. First time watching your videos, and loved it. You are so funny, seriously, we have rhe same humour. Best wishes to you and your husband. I hope you feel better now.

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