I Discovered My Family's SECRET Past In HONG KONG – Travel Vlog Before the Protests (ABC在香港)

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20 thoughts on “I Discovered My Family's SECRET Past In HONG KONG – Travel Vlog Before the Protests (ABC在香港)”

  1. Recently I joined Ancestry for three months and researched my family tree as far back as I could. Some lines die at their immigration date from Europe but others I could trace quite well. My most emotional moment though was seeing the photo some unknown relative posted of my grandpa as a teenager with his parents and all of his many siblings. I recognized my grandfather so that made it even more touching. I lived some distance from my grandparents so I only saw them yearly. My grandpa passed a few weeks before I turned 16. We had just visited two weeks earlier on our yearly visit. One morning he stood before the upstairs hallway photo of his parents. He was pensive and asked me, "Do you think they are in heaven?" I was flabbergasted at his vulnerability which he had never shown me before. I answered, "I hope so!" That remains my primary final memory of him. What was he remembering as he looked at that photo? What were his folks like? I have wondered. On Ancestry I also found a short memoir written by his mom's sister, giving me a peek into his mother's childhood. I read it eagerly. It's amazing to connect to one's family history.

    Thank you for sharing your moment of connecting with your heritage and family line!

  2. Great cinematography, sound design, but most importantly, story-telling. Being a Hongkonger myself, this video and last one really resonate with me. They really are a treat to my heart. Thank you Jensen, keep it up!

  3. Wow great video Jensen. My grandparents' ashes are placed in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery which is next to the cemetery you visited. I pass by the same stonemasonry shop every April during the Ching Ming festival (ancestoral rememberance) when I visit the cemetry and pay respects to my grandparents.

  4. Feeling cute when you say anything in Cantonese 🙂 Not much people in HK right now preserving Cantonese, they would rather learn Putonghua and English as for connecting to the worldwide society. It is rare and precious to see someone respecting and pursuing their own heritage! 🙂 Keep it up!

  5. I'm so impressed by your fluency in Cantonese! It puts me to shame XD I really like and truly believe in your take-away message on exploring your family's past; in the back of my mind I've always been curious about my family's background especially my grandparents'. The only thing is that my canto is not great so then communicating is kinda challenging. But regardless, I'm like now somewhat inspired to practise more canto, ask more questions about my family's past, and really just learn 🙂

    AWESOME VIDEO!! well worth the wait!

  6. It's wonderful to get to know more about your roots. Me, as a second gen in the US, it's always amazing to know what my parents and grandparents had to go through to get here.

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