I need the help of Las Vegas Drivers!!!

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  1. All of those examples are a 25% earnings cut. So this change has been tested and is intentional. The only solution is to stop driving. I read an article recently about how companies have figured out exactly how much punishment you'll take before you stop using their product or service, and will push it right to your limit before caving (an example used was a woman who wanted a better deal on her Verizon bill, and they held firm until she was literally at a competitors store porting her phone numbers over, THEN they called her and offered a deal). So Lyft is testing how far they can cut rates, and who will quit and who will continue. My guess is that they have a good idea driver by driver who will tolerate this and who won't.

    As it is right now in my market, Lyft pays $.05/ mile and $.05/minute less than Uber, so Lyft is always the second choice. If these Lyft rates come to my market, I'd have to stop. I'd rather start doing Eats again than work for Lyft at those rates.

  2. You right about the healthy fats. I cut my carbs to a minimum getting more healthy fats and lost 60lbs since end of January without exercising. My health improved a lot and doctor was impressed about how my lab work looked now vs last year. I was close to becoming diabetic. Good luck to you.

  3. Hey, Gio nice video if you like we should talk. I have been working on some videos about health and better ways to eat healthy when out driving or on long trips I have not posted any yet but I will be next week keep up the good vids

  4. gio just take any ride and do the math. I quit Lyft as soon as I got the email. works better by doing the math on rides from Uber that Lyft would say you'd make more money on I did one earlier about getting stuck in traffic. I still would have made $.40 less being stuck in traffic for 24 mins. the math doesn't work in any situation. it is ALWAYS a loss.

  5. I like your channel but what’s going to happen if the rate drops in your city!!are you going to continue driving or are you going to stop 🛑????I.I really would like your opinion and the reason is because you really hustle when you are driving out there!!like you always said stay safe Gio👍👍

  6. I like that you're going to be adding podcast and also talking about nutrition as much as you know. Anything that's useful people can apply it and see if it helps them feel better & healthier! Thanks Gio!

  7. You mentioned you added fat to your diet and felt great after that , imagine if you went Keto. I would be interested to see how you would do on it. Look up “Goody Beats” here on YouTube his swole and healthy and does full Keto. And he use to be chubby.

  8. Las Vegas Lyft rates went down from .60 cents a mile to .42 cents a mile. Passenger pickup when down from $ 1.12 to .42 cents. Cents per minute when up .03 cents. They now say we get paid when we hit accept, bu we still do not get paid the first minute of waiting. If I am at a Casino and a person request a ride, I actually LOSE money, because I did not have to drive anywhere to pick up the Passenger. If the ride is say 5-10 minutes away, I get paid the lousy .42 cents a mile and 0.1875 a minute. It’s really a cluster frack here, way to many weekend drivers. I went ONE HOUR 40 MINUTES between a rides on Sunday afternoon from around 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm driving around the “M” casino area. I have plenty of screen shots and telling ALL my Lyft Las Vegas passengers what Lyft has done and suggesting they go Uber.

    With so many drivers in Las Vegas I haven’t seen a surge or a bonus in MONTHS. I have noticed they have raised the passenger rates by about 20-25% also.

  9. How can I send you a screen shoot comparison of 2 similar rides with the previous and the new rates ? In Minneapolis, Same trip (19 miles) was about $18 and with new rates went down to $12 including pick up time, terrible

  10. A great content idea also is when you incorporate other drivers to your platform. It is especially fun to see the interaction when they hop into your vehicle, and the discussions.

  11. Someone is trying to go do Lyft during storm Area 51 and is doing his advanced market research for long rides out of Vegas ….I can read in between the lines lol 😂 😂😂

  12. Update phoenix… new rates are a RIP OFF….dropped Lyft XL rates from .98cents a mile to .55cents…but get paid for pick up miles…if you get a short 2mile pick up an XL ride 30 miles plus paid like 40.00 plus now it pays 27.00….

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