I stay at a pricey RV "RESORT". . . was it worth it?

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44 thoughts on “I stay at a pricey RV "RESORT". . . was it worth it?”

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  2. Hey there's nothing wrong with splurging now and then if you can, beside some motel rooms are just as much or more with less amenities. I'm no expert on investments but it sounded like it would be forever before it would even make back what it cost to buy the lot. There are homes with pretty nice yards for less then that here in Iowa. Yeah I know it's not a coast and there's no whales but still sounds high for a rv lot.

  3. Robin, when you lived in a sticks 'n bricks, I'm sure there were occasions when you treated yourself to a 'spa weekend' retreat, yes? Well, you just had your spa weekend, and this time you got to take your house with you! Very interesting info, thank you!

  4. ORA "Outdoor Resorts of America, my former wife and I owned two of them, one on CHOKOLOSKEE Island, just south of Everglades City, Florida and the other near Gatlinburg, TN in the Great Smoky Mountain area. As fa as i was concerned, going for a while and renting was better than owning, however, she was of the type that ownership was her cup of tea. Anyway, I personally don't think, from my previous experience, in owning three Motor Coaches (not all at once) and two RV lots (both at the same time), I would not o it again, the cost is absolutely out of this world. And, when you get old, you need a place to call home, and the RV is a motor vehicle not a home that is anchored to Mother Earth. Bu t that is just my opinion from a lot of traveling in an RV over many years. Thank God and Greyhound, she is gone. Stay Safe.

  5. Hi Robin! Just wanted to throw a comment to the algorithm monsters, and wish you well! I am not on the road and not sure if I will end up on the road someday or not, but I sure love seeing your videos. You make great content, very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing about your lifestyle. May you continue to expand your horizons, thrive and connect wherever you go. ✨✨

  6. Why is it you budget $200 a month for an occasional full hookup, when with a Thousand Trails Membership, you can stay hooked up in their parks for around $600 per year…you're already moving, so just go from one of their parks to another….and, you can boondock along the way, should you want… https://www.rvonthego.com/?ph=888-846-3139&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwIPrBRCJARIsAFlVT8-WFfdl4GjR3C-HksWlq-HXGI5z2B30sij50utVEJUndwwg9Al1HiYaAh2YEALw_wcB

  7. What took me by surprise was the privately owned beach. "You can't own a BEACH!" I thought! Oh wait, it's not California, is it? LOL. Sure is pretty – almost Disneyland style.

  8. Knowing Oregon weather, I would guess that you might be renting out a spot like that for about six months of the year when it isn't raining sideways, which on a 250k investment is about a 3% return on your investment. Not sure if there are property taxes as well. Not sure about appreciation either, that could either sweeten the deal or cost you.

  9. Wow. Lots of comments. Doing draft math in my head. $250k is $2500 monthly mortgage. Plus the $350 HOA fee. So let’s round to $3000 a month worst case cost. That’s $100 a night rented 365 data a year. NOT HAPPENING. If lucky maybe get that for six months income. —- So your out of pocket per year is likely $1800 and it’s all very risky given taxed and costs. — random use of AIRBNB and UBER would be way cheaper and more interesting.

  10. Thanks so much for all the info and the beautiful scenery. It is gorgeous but wouldn't fit into our lifestyle! I guess "to each his or her own?" Enjoy your time there and see how the rich live! LOL

  11. I realize she makes a living from her videos, but she's so repetitive and talks to her viewers like they are kids. I refuse to listen to another word of her annoying voice!

  12. Another amazing video! I love that you found out the info about the sales of the lots and the prices even. So in depth, this is why I love your videos. I really liked the intro where you filmed your reaction coming into the park as well as a view of what you were seeing but to show us. I would have liked to even seen a whole tour of the facility like sauna, laundry, the taxi ride, the town and where you went… Just to see what was around or what you did on your trip to see if it is a place I'd like to stay at as well.

  13. That's the high season rate. I'm sure it's booked all the time. Good thing you had a escort to your spot. Interesting idea for passive income. In the future developmers are going to buy it out. Put a huge mega Mansion on it. Hope I'm wrong but I'm an old ex Cali girl. I was chased north for adorable real estate. The whole west coast is on a fire sale.

  14. Over board in price and renting not worth it.They should not get half of rental since they get expensive HOA fees which I used to pay for Condo fees with rolling lawns and creeks and saunas and jacuzzis and game room and recreation room and work out room and covered electric and Cable and Gardners.

  15. That's people with more money than they need I could buy a house for that. They have one up north i almost bought, but it was 5,000 OH & your not allowed to live there you can only use it for so long during the year highway robbery.😂

  16. Well that was fun🤗 Might try one of those fancy resorts someday. You never know. Meantime, I just want to get back into FT RV’ing after a two year, unintentional hiatus. Your Channel has kept my hopes up. Wish I were 20 years younger and knew then what I know now. But hey, I can’t complain 😎

  17. Remember a lot of those expensive luxury coaches, their vehicle insurance policy forbids boondocking. It only covers camping in man-made campgrounds. Bet a lot of these RVs coaches are business write-offs, probably some of the investors in this Priv. campground, using it for business tax purposes. There is only once ocean, so Oceanside sites are at a premium, all along the Pacific Coast. $130 is about average, many hi end sites elsewhere, can go as hi $250 Nite. Peanuts, when they are purchasing $1M+ Rigs. There is some depreciation for taxes, since the lots have improvements. Great place for seniors, who want to use their unit with all of the self containments.

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