I Stayed In The WORST Hotel.. and I FOUND This.. (Roblox Bloxburg)

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37 thoughts on “I Stayed In The WORST Hotel.. and I FOUND This.. (Roblox Bloxburg)”

  1. I have a theory, I think this is the same guy that was in Poke’s video that was called ”chimneyjack233” and why is that? Let me explain. They both have 232 at the end and they both have the same behavior, I honestly think this is set-up before they started recording. Just a theory tho.

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  4. Dylan, I have a hotel in case you want to stay in it. It's not quite finished but it's fairly large and very luxurious. I'd always be willing to do a vid with you :3 My username is slipperysquiddygamer btw.

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