I tried eating only HEALTHY FOOD on VACATION…

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25 thoughts on “I tried eating only HEALTHY FOOD on VACATION…”

  1. Right now, in my life, I’m on my own health journey! So I would absolutely love a few healthy videos here and there if you’d like! ❀️

    This video is so motivating

  2. What different healthy recipes do you make? I always find that I am eating the same things and want to mix it up. Would love to see some healthy recipes on your channel πŸ’•

  3. Trying to shake off a nasty virus or flu, which I never had in the summer. First time for everything. I've lost lost weight for obvious reasons, but I should give up sodium, fats, soda and coffee.

  4. Fruit, Fruit, Fruit. If you wanted to TRULY be eating the simplest, easiest to digest and therefore the most healthful food on earth for humans, you what have been eating raw fruit. [No processing, No chemicals, No cooked dead foods.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjrQDnsZMLk

    The so-called "importance of protein" is a big fat lie. It turns out Human mother's milk have less than 2 percent protein! If babies that triple in size their first year consuming nothing but mothers' milk can do so with less than 2 percent protein, why would full gown adults need them? The answer is: The powers that should not be WANT you to THINK you need protein so you can develop all the health problems they make so much money treating. Look up "dangers of too much protein".

  5. Another fun tip is to take all the meat off BEFORE you put the dressing because, let's face it, that meat is gonna be good no matter what, and you have more dressing to coat the lettuce instead of wasting it on the meat! Then slap that meat back on there yaaassss

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