I Went To The WORST Reviewed MAKEUP ARTIST In My City (1 STAR)

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33 thoughts on “I Went To The WORST Reviewed MAKEUP ARTIST In My City (1 STAR)”

  1. Hi guys, the point of this video was to let her do my make up and then point out what was done wrong. Not for me to critique her in the middle of the video, there’s tons of videos like mine and I understand you guys are entitled to your opinion go right ahead! But my intention was solely just to follow a trend for you guys! My intentions were not wrong so If you feel like that sorry! More content to come 🙂 thank you for those who understand and are supporting the content !!

  2. She needs to stop being rude about it obviously she can't do makeup or eye brows any better so ummm…….. her lashes aren't cute neither are her nails so shut up please just delete it already no body wants to see your attitude….and if you reading this and your not her your amazing have an amazing day you'll need it after this video

  3. I fucking hate that everyone is saying shit about this video… all she did was follow a trend and payed money for awful makeup for our entertainment.
    Honestly I loved the video and I think it was very entertaining. The lady has to learn how to do makeup because literally she did the worse job I’ve ever seen! But this video was really good also because it also helped you realize to never get your makeup done at a Walmart lol 😂

  4. You went in there looking ghetto and beat with brooms on your eyes and even your stupid ass friend was recording your ratchet ass . You wanna follow a trend to try to be cool and shit but you made yourself look the opposite. . Do yourself a favor and do away with the brooms and your nasty ass black slippers that you went to Walmart in , 🤣🤣🤣 you look exactly like a Walmart person

  5. The artist was clearly trying, so I feel bad for her. However, she clearly didn't care about sanitization and was putting you at risk by being careless.

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