ICYMI: The Abuse of VIP Military Travel by Pelosi & Rest of Congress–Using YOUR Tax Dollars

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24 thoughts on “ICYMI: The Abuse of VIP Military Travel by Pelosi & Rest of Congress–Using YOUR Tax Dollars”

  1. Sorry Tom I didn't thank you and your team when I posted my comment. THANK YOU very much for everything you and your team does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My PRAYERS for you and JW.

  2. If what a politician wants to do is against the rules they should not be allowed to do it. Our “leaders” are supposed to be examples to us. They’re not supposed to be taking the taxpayers to the cleaners.

  3. Nancy is abusing the working man and women hard earned money. Tell us Tom how do we the working class people protest against this. This is totally WRONG. We pay a lot of money in taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A bill needs to be passed to prohibit this ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pelosi is a multi multi millionaire. Apparently one of the top richest on the Hill. To think she would go to this level shows that she also needs to be Impeached for being stupid and greedy.

  5. I heard about this. 35 half gals of booze. 123. Family members. Never know if all that is true But something is up with the free rides. And using our troops like house boys and maids. Cleveland.
    Take a bus mam

  6. Nancy Pelosi thinks she is a hot-shot; but she will stand before the Lord Jesus on Judgement Day and hear the news, Depart from me, for I never knew you.
    Then she will spend eternity floating horrifically painfully in a darkened volcano for ever and ever and ever.

  7. Thats why Pelosi and th0ose just like her should be hung and have their assets sold and used as tax relief for everyone. Take the money out of politics and the scumbags like Pelosi will not apply. We are not getting the best people into office and the process eliminates truly fair elections to dethrone these political hacks and criminals in office.

  8. Alcohol is a drug, I guess our Congress is full of a bunch of drug addicts because Nancy Pelosi doesn't fly with the military without a FULLY FULLY stocked bar WITH THE BEST LIQUOR MONEY CAN BUY, OUR TAXPAYER MONEY!!! GOD I AM SO SICK OF NANCY PELOSI!!!! I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA AND I CAN TELL YOU NANCY PELOSI DOES NOTHING FOR CALIFORNIA ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! WHY DO WE PAY HER!!!????

  9. Make Pelosi and company pay their own air fair She has treated our President like T-total horse shit she and her little democratic cue don't deserve Presidential rides across the world make them walk lol Pelosi needs to remember she is only a speeker in name now that A.O.C. has taken over Ohhhh!!!

  10. The dems abuse of the Military is just the tip of the ICEBERG! Many of them will be brought to MILITARY tribunals when their participation in the SPYING and treasonous action against a Future and now sitting PRESIDENT. . I am patiently waiting! God Bless Tom

  11. 🤔🤔✅Didn’t Her Family Member Get 750$ Million From Obama For Solar Company That Only Had 52 Employees Money Was Spent On A Office Build Then They Went Bankrupt Way Too Gouge Tax Payers 🙏🏻❤️💡🇺🇸

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