If Hazbin Hotel was an anime

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  1. Charlie is a doll, Alastor a deer, Angel dust is a spider. Idk about the rest. Also Charlie is the only real demon, being born in hell while the rest of the cast are sinners being born on earth.

  2. Charlie looks like that because her dad is Lucifer. He was an angel so they decided to go based in the idea that the devil would be beautiful so they chose a porcelain doll as a good design choice.

  3. Tbh I think making the main charecters not so unique from the others is a smart method, Steven universe for example, Steven is so basic yet the fact that there is so many others who pop out makes u want to branch out from the Mc and not only focus on them YET At the same time Steven is so different and singled out that he’s technically the one that stands out. I dunno it’s my theory on why most Mc even in anime are so basic

  4. "Excuse my sudden visit, but I saw your fiasco on the picture show and I just couldn't resist. What a performance! Why I haven't been that entertained since the stock market crash of 1929, hahaha… so many orphans." ~Alastor 2019

  5. Hazbin Hotel is such a big thing nowadays, which is great for the creators especially since they’ve been working on it for over a year. I’ve been wanting to draw Alastor in my own style but I guess u beat me to it haha

  6. OK so reasoning behind the main characters design. She was born In hell as everyone else was sent there from their life before that. Their designs are based off their sins and what they did in the past life. But Charlie being from there had no past life so she's more normal

  7. I love this but I want to point out one thing: I think the MC being so obviously human-looking and 'innocent little girl" is the point because of what her character represents, in general. personally it seems to me that each character was created with their personality in mind with their design: MC wants to redeem people and send them to heaven to save her people, making her the least demonic of all these characters so i think thats why they made her look the most innocent. Also she's incredibly optimistic and gullible, which leads to the little girl wide eyed child as well. owo

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