Important Things You MUST Know Before Visiting Paris (ft. Not Even French) | Paris Travel Guide

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28 thoughts on “Important Things You MUST Know Before Visiting Paris (ft. Not Even French) | Paris Travel Guide”

  1. Thanks for this in the middle of planning my visit there so it was helpful thank you again . Also if your going to a place learn some basic language. So …
    Merci pour cela au milieu de la planification de ma visite là-bas, donc c'était utile, merci encore. Aussi, si vous allez dans un endroit, apprenez une langue de base .

  2. In 1998 we went to the roof of Galeries LaFayette – great views! And also going to Sacre Coeur (take a picnic!) gave us a wonderful panoramic view of the city (plus wandering around Monmartre's winding cobblestone streets was invigorating ). I love Paris!

  3. Hi, could you do a show on what it's like bringing a pet to London? How long is the isolation period? What does it cost? Can you visit your pet in that time?

  4. I was in paris 45 days ago and it was amazing. But I did get the petition scam the first day I was there. Also, I have never been touched (arm grabbed) so much before going to Paris, especially in the area around Moulin Rouge. This threw me off as in Canada we just don't touch.

  5. Notre Dame is complicated to see right now. Parcs are great . Tips are included in most restaurants bills À new scam is to stain your coat offert help To clean it and somebody else steals your wallet ID papers and so on

  6. You are so right about the kindness of Parisans!! I arrived home from Paris a few days ago and have told everyone that I've never fallen in love with a city or people like I did with Paris!! I agree completely on your key phrases and I don't speak any other French but received nothing but assistance and help from every single person. On top of that, the crowds parted like the red sea for my 75 year old mother with her cane and a few times when she got off balance busy commuters went out of their way to steady her or help her into the metro. A few extraordinary gentlemen even carried her suitcase up the stairs for me as I had a good sized backpack on. I cried at Versailles, we'r stayed on the Metro for extra stops to view, and we've already booked a return trip in October!!! "The French are rude" could not be less true!!!

  7. As someone who recently visited Paris for the first time, these tips are spot-on. We always used the basic French she recommended – it helped.

    The river boats were wonderful, especially before dusk when various shadows hit all the buildings.

  8. As Paris is a small town, do you propose to use bycicle? There is a lot of it you can rent for 1 or 2 € per 30 minutes, and if it don’t rain, it could be pleasant. .?

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