Important To Carry When Traveling Full Time

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47 thoughts on “Important To Carry When Traveling Full Time”

  1. I so enjoy your videos, and this one today made me laugh. My friends always tease me about having a drawer full of extra batteries, light bulbs, extension cords, etc. But, when my security system starts beeping in the middle of the night, I have a battery to stop the chirping! Also, living in the South, I keep extra things in my car – bottled water (in the shade), blankets in the winter, 2 days worth of medicines (I swap these weekly), crackers, etc. Common sense will tell you that these will be needed at some point. I'm still working, so can't travel yet, but maybe one day. One day. Hello to Moo Moo from my sweet Bella Boo.

  2. Thank you for saying that about the fuses my neighbors thought I was crazy when I looked on the owners manual and went got replacements for all of them front and back. I want to travel with the group just for a week or two so bad I can’t get over being afraid by myself yet so I keep not going to places show visa versa let me travel with you for maybe for five days please

  3. You drive where I've been… In 1978. You eat what I cant. You made me Drool with that Baconator ! I had stomach reduced – so 3 bites & I'm done…
    Thanks for letting me virtual travel with you & Moo Moo. Hugs!

  4. Silly me. I thought the title meant carry a firearm. Well, considering a woman RV boon docker lost her life this week, you can't blame me. Fuses? Good reminder. I will get some even if only for my truck.

  5. When you were leaving Teri and Scotts you were using time lapse and you were pulling up behind some stopped traffic at a traffic light. . Oh my, i stomped hard on my imaginary brake. It gave me a good laugh at myself. . When you were using time lapse again, it made me laugh.

  6. Been wondering if you, or any of the tribe, have considered a small portable washer / spin dryer … especially now that you have a bit bigger rv..?? Seems it would be so handy and save some money as well.. I saw one on Amazon that is less than $80…

  7. I am so so jealous that you are at the desert😊 I am not going to make it this year but definitely next year! I Love the desert and all of those beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Have fun be Safe!
    I actually met you at the RTR last year. You signed my friends Honda fender😊😂

  8. Hi Ausia, you seem so happy and loved your upbeat video. Love the desert too, good thing cause I live in one. Looking great and love the sunglasses, hugs and kisses to you and sweet Moo Moo!💖

  9. Thanks for the fuse information,I wouldn't have thought of it. Yes, I agree, you totally could make killer how -to videos. You're so smart! You and your big giant brain! You're an expert videographer and you can fix so much stuff. Before I get a rig and on the road I will rewatch your videos and learn a bunch of stuff. Thanks for all of your knowledge and videos!! You're one smart sweet beautiful woman. Hope to meet you someday at RTR. Keep being awesome!!! Love to you and MooMoo. ❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰 Auntie Leta in Reno. Onward bound!!

  10. When i saw this title i thought you were talking about a gun lol i kept waiting through the whole video to hear about it and didn't then i realized you were talking about fuses haha haha….in ga that's what we call it are you carrying

  11. I was raised in the military, too! People ask me where I am from and I say “everywhere “! Born in desert of S. Cali and moved to Key West at 2 weeks old. Went to 13 schools in 12 years in 2 countries. Ausia’s PSA for the day…”always carry extra fuses”! Great video! Safe travels and onward bound! Belly rub for Moo Moo!

  12. Did you flat iron your hair? It looks pretty..Awesome sunset, that sky is breathtaking beautiful!! Your new rig is so much more quieter. I love it. Are we getting a tour of your new rig? Or did I miss it? God bless your travels. I enjoy your videos.

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