Indian Teacher Reaction – Why Pakistan Can Become #1 in Travel

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33 thoughts on “Indian Teacher Reaction – Why Pakistan Can Become #1 in Travel”

  1. With due respect sir, but it can not be a tourist destination bcz most of the time we get cluster bombs thrown by Indian side, firing, mortar bombs and sometimes you throw your pilots like abhinandan here. And on daily basis your defence minister and prime minister keep threatening us that he will take this away from us after occupied Kashmir. my family lives here and he wants to invade it which he can only do in your "bollywood movies" only!
    It would be great to hear the voice for justice and fairness from the other side of the border as a teacher who only teaches peace and love not hate and wars.

  2. mr. teacher parth or wr aver. pakistan ko nahi india ko kuch do, sale bjp, hitler modi, nazi india k chutia kat raha ha nd u r doing this. boolna ha then talk about kashmir, kashmir should be free, itni himat to ha nahi, if u r real teacher then teach all indien to behave them selb nd be human nd not jamwar! kashmir me kia kara hen nd wt about sik brothers nd Dalit brothers talk about them..look always pakistan ko bura boolte ho nd now paisa usi k name c kama rahe ho. u should be ashamed of ur self!!!

  3. PAKI A CHINESE COLONY…. Economy-0, awaam Mar rahi hai, FATF Enhanced blacklist,Garibi politicians fighting, regions want Independence kpk, Baluchistan, Sindh, curruption,Media freedom ban, missing person, ICJ for generals…
    PAKISTAN TODAY after COAS 3 year extension…Corp commanders pareshhan….hoga kiya
    Shiekh Rashid plus three terror supporting parliament member +Fauj+ISI+Zardari aur 3 terror supporting Corp commanders + retired ISI officers ..will Get SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI or musharff as select PM. IMRAN time is UP shayaad Bajwa bhi jayega…Foriegn AIDS/Imdaad marna ISI ka dharam hai. Economy aur Democracy Sudharooa. 1947,1965,1971,1999 remember fauj lost politicians blamed. Happy repeat ZIA-BHUTTO ERA.

  4. Meri sub pakistani bahi aur dost sai guzarish hai k agr ik india k bahi ap ki country ki positive cheezain dikha raha hai aur ap Chanle b subcirbes ni ker sakty only1.4 k need 14M and you deserve sir

  5. Please make a video about takshila history.. I am very Interested and Curious about what you guys know about takshila, btw now there is a city called taxila, and i did my bachelor degree from Taxila university

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