Insane Day in INDIA – Travel to Delhi 2019

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32 thoughts on “Insane Day in INDIA – Travel to Delhi 2019”

  1. reason why people saying 2 weeks not enough time to visit india beacuse it's extremely diverse . jungles, deserts, mountains , beaches, volcanoes india has lot to offer . in india temperature ranges from -40c to 52c . in every 50 km dialects, foods, clothes change in india . there are 1721 dialects in the country . though the north india has taken lot of battering from invasions over last 2500 years , the south still maintains some of traditional india's culture . north, south and north-east are completely different to each other .

  2. One suggestion…Don't fucking visit Mumbai , Delhi… Go south , North East India Away from cities…
    If you are in Delhi ….
    Why are you in Delhi ?
    No suggestions for Delhi

  3. Try visiting slightly offbeat places apart from the usual Jaipur/Agra …like Ladakh, Kerala, the North Eastern states like Arunachal Pradesh too. Welcome to India,have fun 🙂

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