Inside a $32 Million Upside Down House with 130 Ancient Oak Trees | Architectural Digest

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29 thoughts on “Inside a $32 Million Upside Down House with 130 Ancient Oak Trees | Architectural Digest”

  1. This house is gorgeous and if I hit the lottery for 173 million, babe it's Sold. Ok but I gotta haggle that 32 mil. I'll give you 29.5 …. The other money I"d have to use for Taxes.😀😀😀

  2. I usually think about the design elements of any shelter shown or printed. However, I kept thinking this is just the realization of what greed looks like. Rather than enjoying the tour, I was shaking my head, thinking how much is too much for some people. Why do they believe they have a right to use this much of the natural resource of the world.

    I went to the Arabian peninsula, visited Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Chatar,etc and my Kuwait friend and his family. He got a MA degree the USA, so we got to be friends. My friend’s house is 29,000 square feet—his sisters even bigger. (Yes, bigger than this house). I asked him and his family about why so Very large. They talked about cultural differences—family space, public space, family prayer space, gender specific spaces, services we don’t envision for home—a dry cleaner, sewing/mending plus the usual laundry spaces. Culturally there are service people for each family member plus double spaces for two kitchens, chefs and dining rooms for small family meals and gathering of multitudes come on prayer days. Individually the aesthetic isn’t luxury, but the volume was mind blowing. I had many talks with him and family members about resource use and how much is enough. His lifestyle is from historical land ownership and fossil fuel—over $4B.
    I’m thinking Arch.Digest May want to go on a field trips to see how resource consumption is happening in the world—Mtaylasia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore have all made me shake my head.

    Show me smaller, creative shelter that doesn’t consume for 50 people.

  3. $32,000,000 for faux wood paneling — in the kitchen. At least Anne B. Davis had real bricks!!!

    Window walls went out with analog. You couldn’t sneeze in that house with becoming viral social media sensation!

  4. i wish life would be more like minecraft, so that everybody could build homes like this for themself

    Beeing completely independent from the monetary system.. what a dream..

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