Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland

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35 thoughts on “Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland”

  1. America has been taken advantage of too long so we now have a POTUS with the 2B’s – Balls n Brains. NATO took advantage, Russia, Middle East and especially China. It is time to pay the Piper.

  2. And who said Trump wants to talk to him anyway Trump has lots of other countries that are trying to work with us if there going to be jerks they get put farther down the list just because he sees himself as important doesn’t make it true

  3. I have been hearing this for fourty years that Iranian government is on the brink of collapsing.
    The truth is that they are still there and have more influence all over the Middle East.
    Iran will also overcome this economic hardship,Trump will be gone as president and will have not achieved anything with Iran.

  4. I ran is trying to play the art of the deal by starting all the way on one side the only problem is you have to have something to negotiate with in order to play the art of the deal but I give them credit for trying to play trumps game with trump

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