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31 thoughts on “IRVING TEXAS You are DISMISSED”

  1. Strange that they ignored you and made you wait and wait andddd wait… You start talking to someone who they and PRESTO! they suddenly appear.
    You’re very well spoken, knowledgeable and I laugh every time you “dismiss” them.
    Well done!

  2. this is stupid.. whu didnt u have the cop go get the supervidors name for the complaint form.. this was stupid.. i feel sorry for the guy tho.. why didnt u take the guy out to eat.. hes probly hungry..

  3. I hcan hear you say they have to put their names on these complaint forms, but are you really filing these complaints and are they doing something with these complaints? I never see the outcome of these complaints.

  4. This thug gang members in costumes are the worst parasites in costumes. Worthless eaters! No sympathy for them. No I don't call these POS for anything since they started kill dogs and humans cos the fear for their lives. I trained the top cop in counter terrorism in the 80's. They were big crying PUSSY!

  5. Sec. 552.353. FAILURE OR REFUSAL OF OFFICER FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO OR COPYING OF PUBLIC INFORMATION. (a) An officer for public information, or the officer's agent, commits an offense if, with criminal negligence, the officer or the officer's agent fails or refuses to give access to, or to permit or provide copying of, public information to a requestor as provided by this chapter.
    (e) An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by:

    (1) a fine of not more than $1,000;

    (2) confinement in the county jail for not more than six months; or

    (3) both the fine and confinement.

    (f) A violation under this section constitutes official misconduct.

  6. You beach! You changed your channel name and it took me a week to find you!
    Other than that, good job finding criminals who know they are criminals and won't arrest each other. The Thin Blue Line Gang strikes again.

  7. Should of told that officer to definitely look into it. If they know there will be a report on this, then they may either find out if they are truly obligated to supply the jail roster or not. If they were obligated, you would have been furnished it, doubtful they would refused knowing it was going to bite them in the ass.

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