Is it Safe For Women To Travel Solo! Safety Tips I learned while Traveling

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22 thoughts on “Is it Safe For Women To Travel Solo! Safety Tips I learned while Traveling”

  1. In Jamaica I wanted to go to the Black beach. Beach didn't even have sand, but I wanted to be with my people. Brother tried to get me to follow him up a path to show me some flowers. I gathered my things like I was going to follow and ran back up to the street and returned to my hotel. My intuition told me not to follow him!

  2. In Kumasi, Ghana at the President hotel I was approached by a White man who solicited me! I cursed him up and down! Told him I know I don't look like, or dress like a prostitute! Pure terror. Loud Talking is your weapon when traveling. If All else fails mention US embassy! They don't know your government is not coming to find you!!! Get The Fuck out my face is effective!

  3. I've traveled the world no problems. Started my travel solo. I do wear the clothes worn in the area. When in Egypt I wear their clothing. Never go with t-shirts with american flag or US logos! Lisa I'm still waiting for story of Jesus! I joined Patreon and never saw story. Did I miss it??

  4. It’s sad because the American bw image has been destroyed and it has a lot to do with how we are portrayed in the media and how we portray ourselves in the media. The American bw need a serious makeover and lessons on womanhood, etiquette, self esteem, self love, self value, spirituality, fashion and shit load of other things. I see so many bw who literally walk around looking like prostitutes on their office jobs. We really as women need to look at ourselves and choose to heal ourselves..

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