Is it safe to travel to Haiti?

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22 thoughts on “Is it safe to travel to Haiti?”

  1. Haitians are not fake, we are real peoples. We don’t like fake people, we tired of those fake country who think they are better then us. YAHUSHA is are God. Our God is real,not fake.

  2. I pity those devils, who think they are better then us. I’m Haitian we are very kind peoples, now we are tired of those liars. Think God for this brother who want to telling the truth about us. Every country have dangerous place to not go.

  3. Thanks for dispelling alot of myths about where my family is from and showing the world! I wish you could've seen the nicer parts as well, but as you said, that's not necessarily your style :p

  4. “ Bonjou” Sir, from the bottom of my heart I wanna say “ Messi” Messi and encore “ Mille Messi’s”. JoMo should give the key of the city of PaP. I would Never venture myself into PaP. Yo w/o any hesitation you visited the country. May I ask you what pushed y’all to visit? Are you sure you are not being paid by Minster of Tourism?

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