Is Rental Property a Good Investment?

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23 thoughts on “Is Rental Property a Good Investment?”

  1. It's a good investment if you're educated about the matter. The reality is, it's hard to save up to buy a house, you can it's GREAT but it's slow. learning how to manage debt should be a priority then. Debt is king if you are well verse at managing debt otherwise you'll over leverage yourself & sink. I'm good at managing debt as a RE investor.

  2. But wouldn’t you be able to add more to the principal out of you’re pocket on top of what you’re tenant is paying you to get that 30 year mortgage down a lot quicker and move to another property. Saving 150k-200k to pay on a rental property will take about the same time as if you were to just buy one one and go into debt….just wondering.

  3. Hey all. I have 25 rental properties which I only put down 20-25% down. Debt is bad when you cannot control spending habits. Because of my rental units I can retire faster and have a much better peace of mind. If I were to save up cash and buy 25 properties, it would take me over 15-20 years.

  4. This is a very general answer. There are some cases where leveraging money will actually give you a better return on your money than just paying for the entire property right away

  5. I totally agree consumer debt is evil but I dnt understand why dave and chris are so against business debt where your getting higher return than the interest ur paying on the loan. I ve seen many scenarios where you get a gr8 roi on rental property with a mortgage. Unless your making an amazing living already, it will take forever to scale up a rental portfolio. Its like they re just teaching u to be rich when you are old and decrepit.

  6. The key is to buy right. Look for a property that is undervalued. Then make sure that the cost of the work needed, plus the overall cost of the property is lower than other simular properties in the area. You then have built in equity. Find out the monthly cost of your mortgage, taxes, and insurance, and deduct that from rents in that area. ( ideally, you looking for a two-family or more). There is such a thing as good debt, as long as it produces a positive cash flow.

  7. The most moronic advice I've heard. Don't save up to buy trash. Debt leverage to buy a little bit better quality. Ensure worse case and best case scenario with rents to cover your mortgage/taxes. Then saved cash for repairs and replacement of items if needed.

  8. I call BS on this one. I have multifamily properties, all in which I have taken out a loan to purchase. I make between $60k-$70 a year profit. And I still work my regular job. And if I decided to sell now I'd walk away with a million give or take a few bucks. There is no way I would have saved over $300k to purchase either of my properties. Doesn't even sound realistic in my opinion.

  9. This is BS advice. Borrowing 50-60% of the property value to purchase is not risky at all if it’s a good building in a good location. The smart money leverages, buys in a PRIME location and holds for as long as possible. I disagree the “deal” is necessarily the most important thing on. The location is the biggest factor on a long term hold, and top locations don’t go for a deal. Quality real estate in big cities is in the millions today, saving up to buy with cash will never work. The values will go up faster than you can save.

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