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25 thoughts on “IS TIKTOK THE NEW VINE?!”

  1. dang your getting old grier . its crazy to look back at the vine days when you were just a little fetus Nash and how you made me smile and laugh back then and how you make me smile even to this day is just such a warm hopeful feeling i don't think i could ever forget. thank you Nash for making my teen years the best years and i am beyond proud of you, Taylor and all of your success and growth as individuals and together. you guys are going to make such amazing parents πŸ™‚

  2. every time i hear blackbird i wanna cry bc i sang it at my grans funeral years ago and my late uncle jimmy used to play it so beautifully like jack but on a 12 string guitar, so the fact that you put a little clip in of it at the end just filled my whole heart

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