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27 thoughts on “IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE?”

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  2. The earth is moving the solar system is moving the galaxy is moving everything is moving….even if you could travel back in time you would most likely end up in open space….just saying..

  3. A simple way to understand the universe, remember this.

    For any matters M1 and M2 at distance R, there are two fundamental forces constantly at work.

    1. Universal attraction force/gravity F=G x M1M2/R^2.

    2. Universal repulsion force/levity F=Ke x Q1Q2/R^2. Q1 is the total charge of line of sight electrons on the surface of M1, Q2 is the total charge of line of sight electrons on the surface of M2.

    These two forces rule the universe. Respond for star formation, stable orbit, light, radiation, induction, quantum entanglement, all nature phenomena.

  4. Hi Samantha – Thanks for this video. As with your science stuff, I will have to watch it a few times to soak it all in. As we know, the possibility of time travel is linked to getting close to the speed of light. I also know that as you approach the speed of light, the mass of the moving object approaches infinity. Making surpassing the speed of light impossible. Well, I still don't believe it's impossible. But, I probably watched too many Sci-Fi movies. Warp 8 sweetheart. Best wishes, Ted

  5. In interstellar time flows more slowly on the watery planet due to the gravity of the black hole around which the planet orbits, not because of the planet's gravitational force. One hour on the planet is equivalent to about seven years on the ship.

  6. this was a very interesting video indeed , but I have a question. you said the time for the astronauts is slower but shouldn't it be faster because they're further from centre of gravity? can anyone explain it? Maybe I understood it wrongly

  7. Some guy in the comments is baffled that you didn't explained how going back in the past works practically,while researching YT on the subject !Well he is misguided,he should go to Skillshare for that ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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