IS TURKISH FOOD GOOD? | Secret Food Tours Istanbul Kadikoy | Turkey Travel Vlog

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48 thoughts on “IS TURKISH FOOD GOOD? | Secret Food Tours Istanbul Kadikoy | Turkey Travel Vlog”

  1. Hi, I really want to go to Istanbul for a trip, but I have some doubts, have you had problems with the language? do people speak English quietly or will I need a translator? I love your page anyway

  2. Based on my own past experience and on the content of this video, I'm with Stacey – this looks to be the best food tour you have ever done. Turkish food is amazing and that really comes across in the video. Literally everything looked like it would be super tasty. I'm intrigued by that wine – sounds pretty unique!

  3. I recently went to turkey and it was so much fun!! Love this video and I love how far you’ve come with your channel. Your channel has inspired me to make travel vlogs and montages. I’ve been trying to get my channel rolling and I just uploaded my first video. I would love some feedback, please check it out, LOVE YOU:))))

  4. You guys went to one of favourite places in Istanbul which is called Moda-Kadikoy. I didn't even know couple of places in this video as I live there😂😂 I'm so happy that you guys had lots of fun in Turkey. I hope you can explore other impressive parts of Turkey one day such as Mardin, Gaziantep or Antakya. Tesekkurler!!🇹🇷🇹🇷

  5. You guys really tried local things and did an impressive food tour. I’m Turkish and I’ve never eaten that soup you ate at the end 🤣🤣 I want to try it some day ahahah by the way I’m happy that you liked ayran because it’s part of most turkish meals. I suggest you eat Kumpir if you haven’t tried it yet.It is a street food and is basically baked potato stuffed with various ingredients inside. You can find lots of kumpir selling counters in Ortaköy. You can also try the dessert “Lokma” It is traditonally made with sugary liquid but nowadays it’s covered with chocolate and cream and is soooooo trendy. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday here

  6. Always the highlight of my week. The two of you are special and this food tour was really enjoyable. I tell so many people about your YouTube channel, website and Instagram. Well done!

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