It's Exploring England: We Take the Train to Manchester *Spring Break Vacation*

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26 thoughts on “It's Exploring England: We Take the Train to Manchester *Spring Break Vacation*”

  1. TBH Katie, they probably did know you were American. A British way is to complain about something loud enough for the person to hear, without being directly confrontational.

  2. Was watching your London videos yesterday. Did not realise that you guys are in England right now. Hope you all have a really great time. We absolutely loved The U.S when we went in 2017 and in 2018.

  3. Wow you visited one of the most historic capital cities in the world and never went into anything😲 the Tower of London alone was built 400 years before any European set foot on America – even the Grimwalds visited sites 🤣

  4. Nice video think you guys should an adventure to Arizona. See the grand canyon. And have a meet and greet inphoenx or north Scottsdale where Ryan can practice his golf. See you in next vlog . by the way go soccer and go Edward and Alice hope they are ok they are probably living. It up. Tearing apart the house.

  5. That would be so cool to be with you in person, so Brennan could give us a personal tour around Manchester! Thanks so much for taking us along on the huge trip and getting to try so many different foods. Be safe, Have FUN!!!

  6. Isn't it sad that the high point of my day is watching "It's The Donnellys" video. I need a life. Great video Jill and Mike. Looks like your haveing a great trip. Keep Smiling 🙂

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