Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman On Their Travel Channel Show, "Portals to Hell"

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7 thoughts on “Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman On Their Travel Channel Show, "Portals to Hell"”

  1. Katrina & Jack, you are AWESOME!!! Thank you for your honest investigations documenting the paranormal! The show is great and I wish you both the best and much success!! Now…..to the miserable people who have commented with their negative and uncalled for remarks……….who are you to criticize? If you don't like the show or the concept of it, then please turn off your TV and read a book…….preferably one on "How To Be Happy For Others & Not So Damn Critical!" Let us know how that works for you. Have a good day!

  2. 3:21 – Make up your minds, media. Make up your minds. Is it ok to be fat and proud of it, or not? Because that background picture has quite obviously shaved a good 40 lbs off of Kathryn's neck.

  3. The spirit realm is very real don't be so narrow minded. Just cos your closed off mind can't perceive it doesn't mean it's isn't real. Can you see oxygen. No but it's there!! Can you see gravity no but it still exists

  4. The concept is bogus. I like Jack, but this show premiss is totally false. I think a lot of the same type shows the last few years are making young people think it's real, which is a shame.

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