Jacksonville to Key West, Florida (Real-Time Road Trip)

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37 thoughts on “Jacksonville to Key West, Florida (Real-Time Road Trip)”

  1. I drove non-stop (save for using restrooms and gas) from Georgia all the way down to the Keys. It has been almost 2 years since the last time I did it. It is my favorite road trip. It is not that much fun going back. I wish I was able ($$$) to spend whole of winter down there.

  2. Yay new video! My favorite thing to do is listen to radio stations local to the places in this video as I watch the video. I've been mapping my favorite radio stations from each place. Currently listen to Jacksonville FM radio until you drive out of range from that in the video. Feels like I'm there.

  3. Hey Unk! One of my favorite drives here! Wish you would've taken A-1A from JAX to St. Augustine and cross the newly redone Bridge of Lions! At any rate, I digress, lol. My imagination runs wild here on your video just past the St. Augustine exit ( 1:08:45 ) and I see the thick swamp forest of Cypress trees and thick undergrowth and to think of what Ponce de Leon had to greet him and his explorers basically once they stepped off those ships! I can only imagine the 1st man's encounter with a 'gator in those swamps was hell! Drive Safe!

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