Jaleo Disney Springs Review | Disney World April 2019

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  1. Between the two- Sauv Blanc is better than Chardonnay (sorry Scott!) for me. I’ve only had a couple of Chard’s that were decent for me. But my favorite wines are Riesling for white and Cabs for red. Much more of a red wine drinker than white. Have I mentioned I love wine? 🤣

  2. that s'mores looks sooooooo goood !!!!! i think im with you jen i love old key west i think if i ever got the chance to go to walt disney world for the first time i would stay there!! im not a grits person but i well try them !!!

  3. I never stayed in an OKW bldg. with elevators either, and I know they used to try and keep them for handicapped, especially with scooters. My friend's Mom always used to get 1 of those bldgs, she had a scooter, and they owned at OKW, so went at least 1-3 times a year. One of the reasons I used to love POFQ (besides a zillion other reasons) is it's 1 of the few moderates that has elevators! 🙂

    You were sitting at Capt. Wahoo's table in Olivia's! How many people remember him, in his yellow slicker, back there? 🙂 The name of the spacecraft in Wall-E is Axiom. Haven't watched that movie in awhile, thanx for the reminder!! What was Scott so intently focused on right before you guys left the store? You guys are SO competitive, even with your food! LOL

    You looked great (eve more so than usual!) in that sweater, Jenn. That "wait times" for the restaurants in DS is awesome, IF it's kept updated/is correct. That Mickey's Pantry store was awesome – probably WAY overpriced, but awesome! I don't remember the magnet store in Downtown Disney, but I used to love the Mickey'themed corner of I think it was Goofy's in Downtown Disney – maybe this is what replaced that idea? I used to collect fridge magnets from everywhere I traveled. Wait a minute – was the magnet store called Magneto =- just came to me? I think you might be right about those original "Disney Marketplace" pics on the carousel. I've seen the "handpainted silk item" in vlogs at Flower & Garden – guess they saw it was popular, and decided to suck more money out of it! LOL. That view is awesome, Jen! I regret I've never been on Characters n Flight – tried a few times, and wait was ridiculous, or it was closed due to weather/winds. Def would love to change that someday.

    I had seen 1 other vlog I watch (the DIS Unplugged) review Jaleo the day it opened. Said, and it looked, good, but very pricey. Just like everywhere else at WDW these days, unfortunately. Matter of fact, they sat at the exact same table you guys had! ROTFL. That carne asada (hope I spelled that right!) looked awesome – how was it?

    Big hugs to both of you, and Mr. Stitch Stanley!!

  4. Gotta go with Jen on Olivia's grits. Being a Southern boy I've eaten my share of grits. Olivia's has a different take on your traditional grits. However, I LOVE their grits. They are so creamy. Sorry Scott, you didn't go to Olivia's. hahaha

  5. I'm more of a red drinker, but if I had to pick a white it would be Chardonnay (sorry Jen). Jaleo looks amazing! I've been to a few Jose Andres restaurants and they are always incredible!

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