James Harden Travel/Flop Moments Pt.1

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22 thoughts on “James Harden Travel/Flop Moments Pt.1”

  1. Harden is a cheat. Refs should always check the replay before saying it's a foul. Damn, it's kinda frustrating to see players get victim of his theatrics. HE MADE THE NBA A FOOL. AND PEOPLE SAY HE'S AN MVP, oh please. 💁

  2. Yall know thats not a "double stepback" right? He uses the first "stepback" as a gather to pick up the ball. So hes actually just doing a gather in a backwards motion, and the doing an actual stepback afterwards. It's completely legal but it just looks funny. Suprise suprise official nba refs know more about basketball than you morons.

    P.S. im not a Harden fan im just annoyed by all the ignorant people thinking they know everything.

  3. Can someone please start a petition to get this cheater checked. Didn't the NBA ban Kobe and A.I. from using those crazy low crossovers back in the late 90's. We can't they do the same with Harden's version of "Euro-step" and other traveling acts?

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