Jenni Gushes Over “24” | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

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22 thoughts on “Jenni Gushes Over “24” | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”

  1. Jenni can’t be single for two seconds. And it seems very over the top and let’s be honest, they won’t be together in another year or two. She has her kids around him in the middle of them absorbing the divorce between their parents, just doesn’t seem smart. But hey her kids her life.

  2. This show is pointless. Ron needs to go.home and figure himself out. He is trying to be sober but they dont wanna support him, like they did Mike. Jenni needs to be single so she can learn to love herself. Vinny and Paulie are both single and useless
    Angelina just wants money. Deena is there because she loves her friends. End this show. Its useless

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