Jersey Shore Family Vacation S03E01| Goodbye Mike

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38 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation S03E01| Goodbye Mike”

  1. That JENNY kid 🧒 omg why does she ALWAYS HAVE THE NEEDS TO BE SOOO NASTY 🤢 IN HER MOUTH!!??? And said she will FIGHT EVERONE!! She is SOO FAT AND UGLY THOUGH..🤮not my cup of coffee ☕️ and GO ANGEL AND RONNY❤️💛🙏 I wish someone could beat her ass so she stops acting soo creuel; ahh her new name is #CRUELLA!!! 👍😂👍

  2. Wait so now in the 21st century men don’t actually feel the dire need to grow up and be a mature adult until they reach their 40’s. I’ve literally met and know so many early 30’s mid 30 year old manchildren . Why is this happening 😔

  3. See kids? The people who were the shit back in the day turn out to be the most self destructive people. You may not be as rich, popular or glamorous as these people, but for many of you probably have your health and shit together.

  4. Wow they still have so much drama, they haven't changed. The only thing that has changed is their appearance, there's alot of fillers, botox, veneers, and implants.

  5. Observing Angelina and her Man discussing Ronnie and ashtray incident. You can tell he’s had enough discussing the room mates. I bet this is hard especially when you just want to live ur life with the one you love. Last thing u want is extra peoples drama in ur conversation at the dinner table. This is why I couldn’t be involved with famous person! Look at Snookis man he’s no where around or not involved with the cast. This has to be frustrating after a while.

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