Jersey Shore: Family Vacation S03E06 Strippendales (Sep 26, 2019)

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34 thoughts on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation S03E06 Strippendales (Sep 26, 2019)”

  1. Both Pauly D and Vinny want Angelina. They just try to punk her and talk down to her to look cool. But they want her, I mean she is the better looking one, all the other girls are ๐Ÿฅด

  2. I'm glad Vinny, Deena, and Angelina of all people even realized that Jenny trying to cause so much drama. Deena was exactly right what she said. Jenny don't give a rats ass about Ron's soberty or him. All she care's about is starting shit. I feel like Jenny "JWoww" is the new Situation!!! An that's pathetic an disgusting how COMPLETELY immature. How Mike use to act on the old season's of Jersey Shore now Jenny"JWoww" has turned into that one that must of public absolutely can't stand or hate's!!!

  3. Jenni don't run now, when angelina said i don't want the kid to be mad at me meaning when/ if he finds out who told the rest of the group about him, jenni your response was Angelina sent you the message no she didn't, you grabbed her phone and showed the others, if you worried about what ronnie is going to say you should of kept your nose out of his business, and it don't matter if he tells yall certain shit or not, he didn't tell yall about this, and i don't even care for Ronnie but this situation y'all was wrong

  4. What annoys me about so called grown people is they got balls to talk shit about eachother but won't speak up and say it to the person face, and I'm not just talking about the show, people do shit like this in real life, if your grown you shouldn't have a problem speaking to another grown mfka face to face without fighting

  5. Dude I can tell Jen is on some shit and I believe Ron that shes a nut case. But he keeps at it too so he is just as bad. Ron I feel is a sour puss who's trying to get his shit right and is angry and annoyed by his roommates. He looks like hes there for the money and could give two shits about anyone else. Jenni also needs to mind her got dam buisness. I wish ron just out her ass since she wants to throw stones all the got dam time. And thank goodness for vin angelina and pauly otherwise I wouldnt even watch cause everyone else pissing me off lol Like Deena calm the fuck down let Angelina be for ffs.

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