Joe Rogan Chokes Out Crazy Guy

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38 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Chokes Out Crazy Guy”

  1. that guys laugh and saying joe is awesome is because he still wants to look tough but deep down is petrified and wants to try to make everything cool because he is afraid and is in shock he just got choked out

  2. I hate to agree with the guy on the right but yes, you used to be able to walk across the border by stating your citizenship. However if the agents didn't believe you, they would send you to secondary.

  3. joe is actually wrong lol what the guy is saying is regardless of law or it being written on paper. ppl that are desperate for change or a better life will immigrate regardless. ppl actually do immigrate here everyday illegally.

  4. Crazy thing is in 2004 everyone thought this guy was nuts and Joe is speaking sense fast forward to 2019 now you have wackos like news outlets TYT and people like AOC and her squad saying open the borders anyone can come over and PEOPLE voted them in…..

  5. he definitely overreacted here, true, that other guy was annoying and pushing it with that fucking laugh but there was no need to fucking choke this guy out

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