Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis at Star Trek Las Vegas – 8-3-18

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34 thoughts on “Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis at Star Trek Las Vegas – 8-3-18”

  1. “God, if I had a nickel…”
    It’s still “controversial” in Trekkie culture to say it, but Roddenberry really was a tinhorn jaggoff in many ways. He could go from putting Barrett in the pilot as Number One to some real misogyny. Of course the studios abetted this. I don’t doubt Sirtis’ story one bit.

  2. I can't imagine tng without troi. I know a lot of fans don't like trio because the writing was so weak for her but I loved Deanna.

    I had no positive role models in my life as a kid and I was poverty level and had found out as an adult that I was bipolar. So as a kid I was really moody and felt emotions very strongly and no one on television was emotional.

    There were Hero's and bad guys and security chiefs and aliens and then there was troi who was all about feelings and mental health and she felt so much that was around her and I identified with that and felt a kinship with the character.

    I was so glad when the show gave Deanna stuff to do, the price, the child, face of the enemy, thine own self, haven, dark page, eye of the beholder, we're all some of my favorite episodes because it focused on character development of troi.

    There was just something about Marina that sold the character and maybe it was her beauty and ability to really act when they gave her the chance to.

    You will never read this but thank you Marina for being a strong role model for women and showing little girls that you can have emotions and be sensitive and feminine and still be a respectable smart career oriented woman.
    You were my hero on star trek and it instilled in me a drive to be myself and not hide my feelings.
    Live long and prosper.

  3. Sirtis is still so fuckable. Not even being profane, that's the compliment aging women want most anyway. Not like "Oh she's still pretty…for her age." They want "Still sexy and fuckable". So, yeah. She's still hot.

  4. Lost all respect for that cunt. How's it working out for you dumb fucks? How's stormy doing? How's her lawyer? You are paid entertainers, stfu read your lines and leave politics to adults with critical thinking.

  5. I don't understand how Marina don't lost her attraction all the time. Her age doesn't matter … she is beautiful in soul and physical all the time i see her! God is really good to her! 😉

  6. She looks so aweful, I mean not like Marina Sirtis like a Lady, more like a … well i respect her life so i will not write it down… Jonathan Frakes for me is still a gentleman and a real artist not a golddiger like the person next to him! She is just not a real lady, without any manners, nothing, Jonathan is more the gentleman, same goes with Patrick Stewart and Gates MCFadden. I also like Michael DOrn and LeVar Burton. People who are themselves!!! But Marina is like Denise Crosby! just see 10:24 she is really a streetwoman! (sorry for my english). The Problem I have, I know, is that i compare here with the role she represents.. its shocking to see her the contrary character!!!!

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