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  1. hey Alex, just wondering if you're every worried about all the horror stories with airbnb's? I would love to try them out but worried that something might happen. thanks!

  2. love seeing you guys take time to live in the moment and just really spend quality time with friends. It’s something that people don’t realize they often aren’t fully able to do on a day to day basis! Also so important for mental health. Love love love. Xxxx

  3. ah what a nice pace! yes, I agree with you at 14:42! I have no problem with being alone even without my phone, but I have this habit of feeling if this bad conscience by not doing anything if I see other people do anything. it is stupid actualy, because if you need a break, your body tells it to you and you should listen!

  4. So I'm commenting that I love your vlogs after listening to your podcasts that people should compliment stuff we like but please show more of Dan and him being actually involved in the vlogs it's not the same without him I love Tess and Pat but I'm here for you, Daniel and Boo

  5. I don't know if you know but in Israel,as a Jewish country,every Saturday it is a rest day.All the stores, businesses, public transport and most of the restaurants are close for the whole day. Religion people shut their technology down and just hang out with their families and relax. The only task for this day is to do nothing.I am not a religious person but I do love to disconnect for one day and just be present, go on walks with my family and discover more about the surrounding that you don't have the time to explore throughout the week.I love your vlogs so much and especially the travel vlogs with Tess and Patt!

  6. Heck yes, it's sooooo important to UNPLUG. I've always got work, fashion, friends, family etc on the mind and you end up seeing weekends just fly by ! So at night I always make sure to shut my phone off and sit down with a book. Just sitting down with my boyfriend and appreciating each other too feels amazing. – last summer we went up north to my bfs fishing cabin and there was no internet or service all week and it felt amazing to wake up with fresh air, do yoga, enjoy just relaxing and enjoying nature.

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